Casting Call
Company: In Style Event and Productions
Production:City Blues: An Urban Story
Date:Sunday February 21, 2016
Time: 1:30 PM –4:00 PM
Location: Woodson Regional Library (Auditorium)
9525 S. Halsted

Visit to schedule the audition

Requirements: Please bring a recent photo/headshot along with an acting resume; prepare a 2-3 minute monologue; sides will be provided at the audition for cold read. 
Note: Performers who arrive without a photo and a prepared monologue will not be seen.

Character Descriptions

Tara Williams (African American female, mid 40’s- mid 50’s) – The family matriarch; she’s stern, direct, yet affectionate in some instances, selfish; protective

Darren Williams (African American Male, mid 20’s to early 30’s)- Tara’s son; Easy going; shrewd; loyal; relatable; has a strong sense of the streets; strong family values; employed as an auto mechanic 

Tayviana “Taylor” Williams (African American female, early 20’s)- Tara’s daughter; proud; superficial; disconnected yet intelligent; sarcastic; insecure; tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. She’s a law student.

Yolanda Williams (African American female, mid 20’s to late 20’s)- Tara’s daughter; strong, yet weak in some ways; unhappy; easily misled; searching; she can be sarcastic. She’s currently an employee at McDonalds.

Brandy Tucker (African American female, early 20’s)- Taylor’s friend; loyal; funny; girly with a street flare; possesses common sense; raunchy; outgoing; she keeps Taylor grounded. She’s a hairstylist.

Justin Young (African American male, early 20’s)- Taylor’s classmate; rich, easy going; intelligent, fun loving; spiritual and humble. He’s a law student

Patra Green (African American female, mid 20’s to early 30’s)- Darren’s girlfriend; quiet; spiritual; relatable; secure

Bella “Bell” James (African American/Hispanic female, early 40’s to mid 40’s) – nosey; humorous; loves to be “in the know”. She’s the Williams’ next door neighbor.

Lester “Les” Williams (African American male, mid 40’s to mid 50’s)- Tara’s ex-husband; a gentle soul; kind; caring, yet gullible.